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Eye Doctor and Care in Duluth, Georgia

Vision Care You Can Trust

Sugarloaf EyeCare is your destination for professional eye care and unique eyewear. With eye health as our #1 priority, you can be sure that you will receive the best possible care.
Our doctors and technicians are expertly trained and highly experienced, so you can trust that you will receive honest and accurate answers about your eye health. Take care of your vision now; call and schedule an appointment.

Comprehensive Eye Care

Our excellent doctors use only the newest and most advanced technology to ensure that you get the best possible care. We focus on examining each part of your eye to be certain that it is healthy, and to quickly and easily diagnose and treat any problems.
We recommend that you schedule routine eye exams, so we can offer you the most detailed and thorough information about your vision health.

New Lenses Now

Our specialized lenses are custom made to maximize precision and clarity. We make sure that your prescription is spot on, and work hard to ensure you see your very best. If your lenses need to be replaced, we don’t want you to wait. We will get you new lenses overnight.
Don’t wait for new lenses. Call today and receive fast and friendly service.

Professionally Fitted Frames

Our expert technicians assist you through the whole process – from choosing the most flattering frame style to making sure that they are the perfect fit. They will fit your frames to your face so that they are comfortable and secure.
At Sugarloaf EyeCare, we will make sure you not only see the very best but also look the very best. Call today and schedule an appointment, and start seeing clearer now.
Receive quality eye care and fashionable eyewear. Call today to schedule an appointment.