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Surprising Diseases Your Optometrist Can Detect


You likely know that when you obtain your annual eye exam, your optometrist examines your eyes for eye diseases, including glaucoma and cataracts. However, you may not realize that optometrists are often the first doctors to detect many serious diseases that affect the entire body.

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Don't Let Your Eyes Fall Victim to Sun Damage


During the recent eclipse, social media and news outlets were abuzz about the risks of looking directly at the sun. But even on a normal day, too much sun exposure is not safe for your eyes. Many people ignore the risks or sun exposure because the consequences are not immediate. However, cumulative sun exposure over your lifetime can have serious consequences for your eye health as you age. Luckily, there are some easy ways to protect yourself. Here's a closer look.

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The Aging Eye: Detect The Signs Of Glaucoma With An Eye Exam Now


As you enter your 60s, you may experience some decline or changes in your vision. Most of these changes are normal parts of the aging process, such as not being able to see fine print. But some vision changes, such as glaucoma, can have profound effects on your quality of life and personal well-being.

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