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Healthy Eye Care Tips for the Fall Season

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In the fall you may be thinking about the beautiful colors of the changing leaves on the trees all around, or watching your children play in leaf piles. What you may not be thinking about is your eye health. Your vision is something you may have taken for granted, but you need to protect it. Read on for tips to keep your eyes healthy and safe this fall season.

Use Sun Protection

The sun is still very bright in the fall season and can be harmful, so wearing sunglasses should still be part of your daily accessories to protect your eyes. Find sunglasses that will protect against harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. Wearing sunglasses can also protect the sensitive skin around your eyes and your eyelids from the sun's rays. 

Sunglasses will also prevent you from squinting when in the sunlight, which can also save your sight and also prevent premature wrinkles. 

In addition to wearing sunglasses, wearing a hat can also protect your eyes. A hat with a wide brim is best, but if you are more of a baseball cap type of person, this can help as well.

Practice Safety First

When working on anything throughout the fall (or any time), protect your eyes by wearing safety glasses to prevent anything from flying into your eyes. This includes when you're raking or blowing leaves or using power tools for those end-of-the-season projects.

Debris can go airborne and fly into your eyes causing corneal damage such as scratches or other eye abrasions, which could cause serious damage to your sight. 

Protect Against Allergens

If you have allergies, chances are your eyes are going to be affected. In the fall months, a number of allergens will be in the air. Try to stay inside on days with a high pollen count to help protect your eyes. You can check the pollen count on most weather websites or apps.

If staying indoors isn't possible, be sure to keep your eyes protected with sunglasses. Keep eye drops handy to help keep your eyes clear of allergens. You can ask your optometrist about prescription drops or what type is best for your eyes.

Be sure to keep your hands and fingers away from your eyes to prevent spreading allergens to your eyes. Washing your hands often can also prevent this from occurring.

Keep Eyes Moist

Dry eyes can occur in the fall as you may be outside more in the cool, dry air. Dryness can occur from being outside on windy days or from driving with the window down. Keep your eyes from getting dry by protecting them with sunglasses. Using eye drops will also give your eyes the moisture they need.

You can also keep your eyes from drying out by keeping yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water to hydrate your entire body and your eyes too.

Use Halloween Makeup Cautiously

Halloween makeup is fun to use, but remember not to share makeup or makeup tools with anyone to prevent the spread of germs. Also, some Halloween makeup may not be hypoallergenic and could cause itchy or watery eyes if you have sensitive eyes. Check the labels on makeup before you buy it so you aren't uncomfortable during what should be a fun time.

Fall is a beautiful time of the year when the leaves change colors. You may be out enjoying backyard bonfires, watching football, going apple picking, or enjoying a hayride or two. Make sure you have healthy vision to be able to enjoy those beautiful sights. Visit your optometrist at Sugarloaf EyeCare to have your vision checked and for other fall safety tips to keep your eyes healthy.