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Why Do Your Eyes Always Look Bloodshot?

Eye Bloodshot
Every person has blood vessels in their eyes that become more noticeable from time to time. Eye irritation, such as a piece of hair or dust in the eye, can cause eyes to become red and watery.

If your eyes are always bloodshot or you find yourself using eye drops to lessen the red inflammation in your eyes, talk to your eye doctor. Use this guide to help you identify what is causing your red eye condition.


Chronic fatigue causes eyes to appear bloodshot because the eyes need oxygen to breathe properly. Lack of sleep causes loss of oxygen in the eyes, leading to enlarged blood vessels that make the eyes red.


Allergies are a common cause of eye redness. In addition to a bloodshot appearance, your eyes may water frequently, appear swollen or feel sore around the eyelids, or produce more mucus than usual to try to get rid of irritating pollen and dander.

If you wear contact lenses, allergies can be harder to treat because pollen and other allergens stick to lenses and make your eye condition worse. Talk to your eye doctor about special eye drops or medications you can use to relieve your red eye symptoms while still wearing contacts.

If your allergy symptoms don't improve, your eye doctor can identify what allergens are causing your red eye symptoms or see if an infection is present by doing a test on the discharge that comes from your eyes. 

High Blood Pressure 

High blood pressure puts a strain on your entire body, including your eyes. Your eyes' blood vessels become more pronounced when blood pressure issues are not treated. Your eye doctor can help identify if high blood pressure is the cause of your eye redness and can recommend a referral to a doctor who specializes in hypertension.

Severe blood pressure issues can lead to blood vessel damage or even vision loss in the eye, so you should seek treatment as soon as possible.


Eye infections usually have other symptoms than just redness in the eyes, including blurry vision, a gritty feeling in one or both eyes, or yellowish green eye discharge. An eye infection can be caused by wearing unclean contact lenses or a viral infection.

If your eye redness persists or gets worse with swelling, pain under your eyelids, or severe vision loss, call your eye doctor right away. In many cases, antibiotics and prescription eye drops are used to treat common eye infections.


Sitting at a computer all day, wearing contact lenses too long, or wearing the wrong prescription glasses can cause eyestrain. Eyestrain occurs when your eyes are struggling to focus and leads to eye fatigue and wear. When your eyes are put under a lot of pressure, the blood vessels dilate, leading to a bloodshot appearance.

Eyestrain and bloodshot eyes is usually accompanied by heavy, tired eyelids, dry eye, trouble focusing on small objects, double vision, or headaches above or behind your eyes.

Eye Drops 

Using eye drops to manage bloodshot eyes will make the condition worse. Over time, redness relief eye drops have the opposite effect and irritate the eyes, causing the very condition you wish to avoid. If you use eye drops every day to manage the appearance and health of your eyes, talk to your eye doctor for alternative relief and treatment.

Having bloodshot eyes is common and derives from many sources. To rule out medical conditions that attribute to red eyes, such as glaucoma, certain cancers, and other conditions, make an appointment with your optometrist for a complete eye exam. Our experts at Sugarloaf EyeCare will treat your eye symptoms; call us today to schedule an eye wellness appointment.