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Sugarloaf Eyecare Contact Lens Policies

Contact lenses are considered as medical devices and are regulated by the FDA and state laws. At Sugarloaf Eyecare, our goal is to put all patients in contact lenses that offer the best overall vision, health and comfort. There are some cases where it is easier than in other cases. Some contact lens evaluations require more time, follow-up visits and lens changes than others. All patients who would like a contact lens prescription are required to have a contact lens evaluation in addition to the comprehensive vision exam. Contact lens evaluations have a fee that is also added to that for the comprehensive exam. The contact lens evaluation fee includes 3 months of follow-up visits, diagnostic lenses necessary to achieve a final prescription (when applicable) and any other necessary contact lens accessories that may pertain to the situation. The contact lens fees that apply to new patients or new contact lens evaluations at Sugarloaf Eyecare are as follows:

Standard Spherical Frequent Replacement Lens
Standard Lens - Insertion and Removal Training
Rigid Gas-Permeable or Hybrid Contact Lens
Astigmatism Contact Lens
Multifocal Contact Lens
Medically Necessary Contact Lens

If a patient returns in subsequent years to update their contact lens prescription, and if the contact lens evaluation involves staying with the same type of contact lens, then the fee for a returning patient to renew their contact lens prescription will be $40, and it will include 30 days of follow-up care.  If, however, the patient and the doctor decide to try a new type of contact lens and switch designs, then the fees mentioned above will be applicable.